Normandy 8-5-14

NORMNDY 8-5-14 007 NORMNDY 8-5-14 006 NORMNDY 8-5-14 005 NORMNDY 8-5-14 004 NORMNDY 8-5-14 003 NORMNDY 8-5-14 002 NORMNDY 8-5-14 001

When I left the house this morning I intended to go to Nick A Jack but decided to go to Normandy instead and wound up having a fairly good day.  It was dark when I put in and there was surfacing fish here and there around the ramp area but I never could get close enough to hook up. So I ran down to my first stop and caught 3 and lost 2 on the 6 Inch Red Shad Trigger X Flutter Worm rigged on a 3/0 VMC Wide Gap Hook weightless that you see in the picture above. I caught a couple short fish at my next stop then the Flutter Worm Bite died. I switched to the Rapala X Rap Prop  also pictured above. I worked the same mid day pattern that I used on Tim’s last week-shaded medium depth chuck rock banks. I lost 2 big fish and caught 3 more on that pattern before the heat was more than I wanted to deal with.  I really like throwing the Flutter Worm and X Rap Prop on 832 braid the sensitivity is great and it comes off a spinning reel smooth as silk . Rods of choice as you well know is All Pro APX in a variety of lengths and actions.  Might get 1 more day in this week-if so I will update you then. Air temp mid day 90 plus water temp 85 and normal color for Normandy. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin