Normandy 8-7-2014

This is just a follow up to my post earlier this week. I waited until 1:00pm to get to Normandy to see if the mid-day top water bite would hold up and it did, sort of!  I caught 6 Largemouth and 4 Spots all on top water but not 1 good fish. I had 2 decent looking fish follow the bait  but they wouldn’t commit.  So what did I learn?  Other than there is a mid-day 90 degree plus air temp-and almost 90 degree water temp bite in the shade?  I think you just have to be at the right place at the right time which obviously I wasn’t. I think I will stick with the early bite and stay for some of the mid day top water. that seems to be more productive for me.  I spent a 1/2 hour talking with the TWRA Creel Clerk (very good guy by the way)  He had checked the few boats that was on the lake and no one had any fish to speak of (that was around 5:00pm)  The rain was moving in and that may have changed the late day/night bite.  There is a ton of bait up river and a few fish busting in them, lake is down a little more and color is still normal for Normandy.  More next week. Rick