Old Hickory 9-10-2019

vmc weedless 001Old Hickory 003 Old Hickory 004 Old Hickory 006 Old Hickory 007

Billy Campbell and I fished Old Hickory yesterday and the 4 above was our best of 7 or 8 that we put in the boat.  2 on top water and the others on a VMC  Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. www.vmchooks.com If you like to fish cover of almost all types but still would like to do it more in a finesse way these VMC Weedless Finesse Jigs  may very well be what your looking for.  The 3/32oz and 1/8oz have a 1/0 and the 3/16thoz and 1/4oz have a 2/0 light wire needle point VMC hook. Even though they are light wire I have never had one straightened out on a fish. The weed guard is made of Stainless Wire and the jig head itself has a hollow back that allows the bait to fit snug against the head. The wire bait keeper is plenty long enough to help keep the bait secure. We have 2 colors to choose from a Black Glitter and a Green Pumpkin Glitter. I use these on every lake I fish-with either Sufix  High Vis Yellow 10 or 20 pound braid and a 6-8  or 10 pound Sufix Fluorocarbon leader depending on water clarity and cover.  Water temps ranged from 78 at daylight  to over 80 when we left at 2:00pm. Air temp was 95 plus and felt much hotter. More tomorrow Lord willing.