Tip From A 71 Year Old Hand

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What your looking at is a 71 year old hand (mine) that has fingers that just don’t work like they use to and gets even worse the colder it gets. I just have a hard time tying baits on, so I use a VMC Crankbait Snap which comes in 5 different sizes as much as possible as long as it doesn’t hinder the action of the bait. www.vmchooks.com Where snaps don’t work as well for example is on Spinner Baits like my  favorite Terminator www.terminatorbaits.com  that is made with a R bend (open bend) because the snap slides up and down the wire and can become very frustrating very quickly to me. (I should have tried out for the Grumpy Old Men Movies)  So what I do is use medical tubing (see 3 small sections above) that comes in different inside dimensions cut off a small length and slide it over the tie area (see red area) of the spinnerbait . I take a small drop of super glue to hold the tubing in place and the spinner bait is now ready to be used with a snap.  I’m sure you can get tubing from many places but I do know that medical tubing is flexible enough not to collapse or pull the baits wire closer together which “could” hinder it’s performance.   Just something that works for me I hope it helps you. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com