OG Slim 6 & OG Tiny 4


I’m excited to tell you about the OG Series of baits from Rapala.  For many years as a full time guide I made my living  year around with a Rapala crankbait of some sort.  I can tell you from experience “You Want These In Your Boat” The OG Slim 6 has been available for several months and the “NEW” Tiny 4 is begining   to be available on several web sites. Both are silent/non rattle flat sided balsa  baits. The OG Slim 6 is 2 3/4 inches long and weighs 1/2 ounce and has  #2 VMC Black Nickle 1x Strong Hybrid trebles  . The new Tiny 4 is 2/14 inch long and weighs 5/16th and has 2 #5 VMC 1X Hybrid trebles.  The both come in the same fantastic 19 detailed colors- they both have a nose line tie and circuit board lips that are very thin yet very strong and sensitive.

The OG 6  has a medium wobble and a tight side to side action where the Tiny 4 is designed to be more of a finesse crankbait with a wobble that is similar to a Shad Rap.   In the pictures above you can see the difference in the thickness of the 2 baits and the side by side view  size difference.  Ott Defoe who designed these bait says that he can reach 6 deep on 12lb test on the Sim 6 and using spinning tackle and Sufix Braided Line 4 foot deep on the Tiny.  Another great aspect of the OG Series is that they are year around baits not just cold water.  Buy 1 tie it on and see.

“IF” you like to throw your crankbaits on light line like I do I would suggest the 2 Sufix lines above. These are the 2 that I use  exclusively.  80% or more of all crankbaits that are designed to run 10 feet and less (which is where I concentrate) I use 6lb test. This allow me to gain a little more depth that I can use to my advantage when needed.  Baits that run 10 feet deep or in special circumstances I will use 8lb test  and I use 10lb test very seldom.

Any one that has been on my site over the years know that I am very partial to Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix. It has high tensile and knot  strength-low stretch and is VERY VERY strong but yet casts great and has low memory.  I like to watch my line when I’m cranking and the clear blue allows me to see even the slightest difference in my retrieve.  The new Sufix Advance mono is a clear  Hyper Copolymer line that has superior abrasion resistance-sensitivity-low stretch and low memory as well. On ultra clear lakes like Dale Hollow or at times Tim’s Ford when we get real clear water I will switch over.

I always use a VMC Snap and never tie directly to the crankbait. By doing this it allows  the crankbait to have a more natural presentation. I took a picture on the 3 snaps that I use- 2 are specifically designed as crankbait snaps The other is a standard #2 Duolock Snap  which I use the majority of the time. Old habits die hard. I found that you don’t want to “Over Power” you crankbaits with a snap that is to big. Stay with the ones above and you should be good to go.

You can view all the product above (better pictures as well) by going to www.rapala.com   Thank for visiting my site-If you have questions just send me a email I will be happy to respond.  Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com