November 6-7-8-2023

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Tim White and I fished Tim’s one day and Center Hill for 2 days and honestly struggled on all 3 days.  I’m missing about 4 or 5 other pictures that included a couple decent smallmouth -not sure what happened.  The ones above was our best on Center Hill. We caught several fish about the size that you see but we just couldn’t come up with the quality.  Rapala Skitter Walk was the best top water for me We both use a variety of Sufix braid and mono We caught several on a variety of cranbaits including the old reliable Shad  Rapala DT6.  Water temp was in the 62-63 range and dropping. Ramps are all in good shape.  That’s the good bad and ugly. I think we are very close to a good top water and cranbait bite on CH. I’ll update as I go. Rick McFerrin