Tim’s Ford w/o 12-4-2023

Tims Tiny 7 023 Tims Ford 12-8-2023 002 Tims Ford 12-8-2023 003 Tims Ford 12-8-2023 004 Tims Ford 12-8-2023 006Tims Tiny 7 027crush city ned 002crush city ned 001 Tims Ford 12-8-2023 008

I fished Tim’s 2 times this week. The first day I had 8 total Largemouth Smallmouth mix and the 2nd day with Ken we had 12 total mix . Monday I had 4 on the “NEW”  Red Craw OG Deep Tiny 7 pictured above with the Tiny 4. The 7 is a silent/non rattling flat sided floating bait that has a very tight wobble and is rigged with VMC 1X Strong Hybrid Trebles.  They would “Pop” these with a vengeance.   For those of you that know me, you know that I have always been partial to “Crankbaits & Light line” I throw all my crankbaits up to 12ft deep on my favorite mono 6lb test Sufix Promix Clear Blue Mono.  Monday I was bumping the bottom at 8/9 feet deep easily with the Tiny Deep 7. I’m excited about both the Tiny 4 and Tiny 7.  Both come in 19 color patterns that will meet all fishing conditions and both need to be in you tackle selection.  On Monday I also had 4 on the “New  Pumpkin Magic Crush City Ned BLT” Rigged on my favorite  3/16th VMC Weedless Finesse Jig (Pictured above)  The BLT will stand straight up on a 1/4 ounce jig head . The Ned BLT are flake-salt and scent injected and comes in 16 colors and all are 3 inches long. They are made out of a durable floating plastic TPE material. These will work great in all finesse situation including drop shot.  Friday with Ken it was strictly a Ned Rig day. We couldn’t get bit on any moving bait.  20 total for the week-55-56 water temp.  Tim’s should be getting better after next weeks cold snap.  You can check out EVERY bait that I just talked about by going to www.Rapala.com  We have videos on most plus tackle tips. thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com