Center Hill 2-9-2024

Center Hill 2-8-2024 004 Center Hill 2-8-2024 003 Center Hill 2-8-2024 002 Tims Ford 12-8-2023 006

I fished with Loooong time friend Billy Campbell yesterday on CH.  Water color varies all over the lake. You can find everything from very stained to semi clear with varying temps. (47-45)We covered a lot of territory  to manage the 3 that you see above. Billy is trying to hide his identity holding up a obvious very short fish. (You can’t hide) By the way  I caught the short fish and Billy caught the 2 good ones.   Best crankbait was the Rapala DT6 Red Craw which we both used. Looking back I should have thrown the Ots Deep Tiny in the same red craw (pictured above) **that will be a note for next time*** I was using Sufix Clear Blue 6lb Pro Mix which has been my favorite for many years  One thing that I have always liked about Pro Mix is the abrasion factor. We were beating and banging off of  rocks all day with very little little (if any) abrasion.  We did talk with 2 other friends that had 10 and a couple good fish. Like us they covered a lot of water and hit on one short stretch where they caught 5 of their 10  and I thing at least 1 of their big fish 4 3/4lb Smallmouth.   I had a great day with a great friend. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin