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Normandy 6-15-16-2015

Normandy 6-15-2015 001 Normandy 6-16-2015 041 Normandy 6-16-2015 043

I thought I would give the Walleye another try on Normandy yesterday but had no takers. I talked with 3 other boats that never found them either-they have disappeared. But I did put a nice 4lb Smallmouth in the boat on a Rapala Silver/Black DT6  then I went looking for channel catfish and found a bank that was loaded with them. I should have taken another picture but didn’t-I know I had to have 17-18lbs total before I ran out of bait. Today Rick Jr. and I went just looking for the channels and had almost 15lbs from 5:30am to 8:30am. We had a blast catching these on AllPro M/L spinning rods 6lbs test Sufix mono and VMC Bait Keeper Hooks  and a small split shot. Nice change of pace with my oldest  and if you take time to filet them a tasty meal.  Rick

Normandy Walleye 6-12-2015


Normandy 6-12-2015 003 walleye rig 001 Normandy 6-12-2015 001

This was my first stab at  walleye this year and I anchored down the back of Pete Hatchet’s boat this morning. Pete has been catching several good walleye lately with one over 6lbs just this week.  We found today to be a little tougher but the 2 that we put in the boat weighed in at 6 3/4 pounds and currently  reside in my refrigerator until supper time tonight. We also caught some Spots, blue gill and channel cats.  We trolled night crawler rigs  weighed down with 3/4 ounce sinkers to keep them on the bottom. VMC  makes a terrific rig for this style of fishing (pic center) with your choice of multiple blade colors (some UV bright) and either a single or tandem kook set up.  Each rig has a 10lb 72 inch Sufix  Fluorocarbon leader and VMC Fast Grip needle point hooks. The blades on these rigs are called “Hydro Flow” and designed to let water through a small slit in the blade which creates increased vibration and you can use these at lower speeds and still get a great spin on the blades.  I believe this is very important when the fish are sluggish and not in the attack mode.  I like to fish these on a 7 foot AllPro APX Med/Hvy Casting rod and 10lb test Sufix Mono.  More next week Lord willing. I’m  still having some back and leg problems but hopefully I can be back in my boat next week.  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 6-9-2015

nORMANDY 6-9-2015 002 nORMANDY 6-9-2015 001 nORMANDY 6-9-2015 003 nORMANDY 6-9-2015 008 nORMANDY 6-9-2015 007 nORMANDY 6-9-2015 006 nORMANDY 6-9-2015 005 nORMANDY 6-9-2015 004

I fished out of Ronnie’s boat today and we caught and released 12 total Largemouth and had 3 others that we didn’t put in the boat . We started right at daylight and loaded out at 10:45 and it was already getting hot.  All of our fish with the exception of 1 was caught on a 1/4 ounce jig. I was throwing the  1/4 ounce Terminator Pumpkin Green with a Trigger X Pumpkin Twin Tail on 10lb test Sufix Mono  Our fish were scattered and in water from 20 foot to right up on the bank.  No real top water schooling activity at least in the area we were fishing.  Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin


Daniels Truck 006 Daniels Truck 007 Daniels Truck 008

This is pictures on my youngest son Daniels truck that flipped over and landed on it’s top in a creek bed this week. We are so thankful that no one was hurt,  only a few small scratches and bruises.  We are blessed.  Rick

Nick A Jack 5-19-2015

nICK a jACK 5-19-15 003 nICK a jACK 5-19-15 004 nICK a jACK 5-19-15 005 nICK a jACK 5-19-15 006 nICK a jACK 5-19-15 007 nICK a jACK 5-19-15 008

I fished Nick A Jack this morning and had 9 total with the 5 above being the best. Everything came on a Rapala Skitter Walk and a Rapala DT4 Silver/Blue.  Pictured above. All the fish were in 4′ of water or less and would attack the DT.  I fished until noon but never had a bite on anything after 9:00am.  AllPro APX 7′ M/H Spinning and Sufix 8lb and 10lb Mono  This is my first trip here this spring and normally the DT4 work exceedingly well. Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Old Hickory 5-14-2015

Old Hickory 5-14-2015 001 Old Hickory 5-14-2015 002 Old Hickory 5-14-2015 003 Old Hickory 5-14-2015 004 Old Hickory 5-14-2015 005

I met Ken Jenkins at the ramp on Old Hickory Thursday  morning and we had a great day together. Ken has a tournament tomorrow (Saturday) and asked me to hold up on posting this until late Friday night or Saturday morning.  About all that I feel I can tell you (incase your in that tournament) is we both used All Pro Rods  Ken 7’APX Casting and me a 7′ APX Spinning  and  8lb & 10lb Sufix Mono We caught and released est. 20 or so with our best 5 weighing in the 15lb range.  My back and legs are getting better but it still felt good occupying the back of the boat and not standing on the trolling motor all day.  Thanks Ken for the invite and good luck tomorrow I hope the areas we did well in will produce again for you.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-1-2015

Tims Ford 5-1-2015 005 Tims Ford 5-1-2015 004 Tims Ford 5-1-2015 003 Tims Ford 5-1-2015 002 Tims Ford 5-1-2015 001  Tims Ford 4-28-2015 008 Tims Ford 4-28-2015 007 Tims Ford 5-1-2015 006 Tims Ford 5-1-2015 007 Tims Ford 5-1-2015 008

For May the 1st it was cold early this morning on Tim’s-42 degrees when we put in.. I met Capt. Jake Davis at the State Park Ramp at 5:30am and we fished until 11:15am. Jake and I have been trying to fish together for several years and today we finally made it. The bite was slow and spotty but we still  managed to put some in the boat all on light line and finesse baits like the Triggerx 3  inch Flappin.Craw with the claws dipped in chartreuse.  As always when using light baits I was throwing 6lb Sufix Elite Mono on a 7′ AllPro Apx med spinning rod We saw some surfacing fish early and it appears that the shad hatch is just getting started. Next week should be great as the nights stay warmer and the day time temps get into the low 80’s. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 4-20-2015

tIMS fORD 4-20-2015 002tIMS fORD 4-20-2015 004tIMS fORD 4-20-2015 003

It was slow going for Ronnie and I today on Tim’s.  Although we did have our opportunities that we didn’t capitalize on. We started our by loosing a 4 to 5lb Smallmouth right at the boat then  had our lines broken twice before we got on track and put some in the boat. The 5 above was our best for the day-we had 3 or 4 smaller largemouth as well. I caught all of my on a Terminator Pro Series 1/4ounce Green Pumpkin Jig rigged with a Trigger X  Green Pumpkin Twin Tail Grub. I used a All Pro APX Med/Hvy spinning rod and 10lb Sufix Elite Mono Thank You for visiting my site Rick McFerrin


Normandy/Tim’s 4-13-14-2015

Normandy 4-13-2015 001 Normandy 4-13-2015 002 Normandy 4-13-2015 003Tims Ford 4-14-2015 001 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 002 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 003 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 004 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 005 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 006 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 007 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 008 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 009 Tims Ford 4-14-2015 010

This is a 2 day report, yesterday Ronnie and I fished Normandy and had a tough 5 hours the top 3 pictures was it. A mixed bag of Crappie and Spots. Today we had a very good day on Tim’s throwing the new Rapala Shadow Rap  in the SDR11 series which runs 2 to 4 feet deep. I caught all of mine on the Olive Green and Ronnie on the Ghost Shiner. We caught and released 25 or more mix of Hybrid’s, White Bass, Spots, Largemouth, Smallmouth and Walleye.  I threw these baits on my  old reliable 7′ Allpro Apx m/h  and 8lb test Sufix Elite Mono Ronnie was using 10lb test. We had a great 6 hours and left them biting. If you haven’t purchased the “New Shadow Rap” you missing out on a great new jerk bait that has it’s own distinctive wobble and motion as you retrieve and stop. Didn’t try any other colors-thankfully didn’t need to. More Thursday Lord willing. Rick McFerrin