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Center Hill 12-21-21

Center Hill 12-21-2021 002 Center Hill 12-21-2021 003 Center Hill 12-21-2021 004 Center Hill 12-21-2021 005 Center Hill 12-21-2021 006 Center Hill 12-21-2021 007 Center Hill 12-21-2021 008 Center Hill 12-21-2021 009

Fished Center Hill today with long time friend Terry Hicks. We had 14 total mix of Spots-Largemouth and Smallmouth with the ones above being our best. Caught several on the “New” DT6 Green Gizzrd Shad and a OG 6 Citrus Shad . 6lb test Sufix Pro Mix Clear Blue mono on the crankbaits. The others came on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics.  10Sufix Yellow Braid and 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon  leader.  Water temp 51–52 good color in some of the creeks. More to come next week after Christmas Lord willing.  Thanks for visiting my site and Merry Christmas have a blessed time with your loved ones. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides,com

Lake Hartwell Oct 31-Nov 3–2021

Hartwell Oct 2021 003 Hartwell Oct 2021 004 Hartwell Oct 2021 011 Hartwell Oct 2021 010 Hartwell Oct 2021 009 Hartwell Oct 2021 008 Hartwell Oct 2021 007 Hartwell Oct 2021 006 Hartwell Oct 2021 005 Hartwell Oct 2021 017 Hartwell Oct 2021 015 Hartwell Oct 2021 014 Hartwell Oct 2021 012 Hartwell Oct 2021 002 Hartwell Oct 2021 018

Got back last night from Hartwell where I fished with long time friend Tim White who lives about 15 minutes from the lake. What you see above is a good representation of the 47 that we caught and released. We had 3 Spots that was right at 3lbs each and the rest varied from 14-15 inches and down. We caught fish on a Rapala DT6 Natural A Storm Largo Swimbait Top Water and Soft Plastics (several kinds) rigged on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig Head Both Tim and I was using 20lb yellow Sufix Performance Braid with a 8lb Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon leader,  We had 2 days Monday and Tuesday that we had a fog delay until almost 11:00am so we lost the early bite and yesterday the  predicted 10 mph wind  turn to 25-30mph which cut our day short. So out of the planned 4 days of fishing turned into 2 1/2 easily.  BUT!!! I had had good time as always with Tim-he is a great to fish with.  More next week Lord willing. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

3 Lake Report 10-14-2021

nICK a jACK dAM 001 nICK a jACK dAM 002 nICK a jACK dAM 003 nICK a jACK dAM 005 nICK a jACK dAM 008 nICK a jACK dAM 009 nICK a jACK dAM 010 nICK a jACK dAM 011 nICK a jACK dAM 012 nICK a jACK dAM 013 nICK a jACK dAM 014 nICK a jACK dAM 015 nICK a jACK dAM 016 nICK a jACK dAM 017 nICK a jACK dAM 018

I’ll start at the top. Ken Jenkins and I fished Normandy Monday and struggled. We had 5 total in the boat and Ken is holding our largest of the day. He was using one of the “NEW” DT 6 Rootbeer. The other fish came on a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig Head and soft plastics.  I fished Tim’s Tuesday with Terry and we had a great numbers day (25) Smallmouth and Largemouth but most were short. We caught them on the same VMC Finesse Rig that I use all the time on Sufix 20lb Braid and 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader and a #5 . Rapala  Shad Rap RS Shad Color. I throw all my crankbaits almost exclusively on Sufix 6 & 8 pound Pro Mix We also caught  a 15lb Flat Head on the finesse rig as well. My youngest son Daniel and I fished below the Nick A Jack Dam from 8:30am until 1:30pm today caught 14 total. Today we used Creek Minnows on Sufix 20lb Braid and 12lb Fluorocarbon leader and a VMC 1/0 O Shaughnessy Live Bait Hook. Daniel had a great day and I “Was Happy To Be” a good net guy. I don’t have a chance to get my boys out very often-so it was a treat for me to see Daniel in action again. Been to long.  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 10-7-2021

Tims Ford 10-7-2021 010 Tims Ford 10-7-2021 009 Tims Ford 10-7-2021 008 Tims Ford 10-7-2021 007 Tims Ford 10-7-2021 006 Tims Ford 10-7-2021 005 Tims Ford 10-7-2021 004 Tims Ford 10-7-2021 003Tims Ford 10-7-2021 002Tims Ford 10-7-2021 001

The pictures above are from 3 different trips over the past week and a half.  This morning I had the 6 above on Tim’s  plus 4 other shorts fish and had 2 other good Smallmouth come off at the boat. Ronnie Wooten is holding 1 Largemouth and we had 5 other short fish on Normandy and Pastor Ron is hold 3 from Woods. Every thing on  VMC  #2 Worm Hook and a VMC 1/8 ounce Tungsten Worm Weight  and soft plastics. Sufix 20lb Performance Braid and Sufix 10lb Advance Fluorocarbon.  More hopefully next week Lord willing. Thankd for visiting my site. Rick

Normandy 8-2-2021

Noremandy 8-2-2021 001 Noremandy 8-2-2021 002 Noremandy 8-2-2021 003 Noremandy 8-2-2021 004

Finally back on the water—been having considerable knee problems but it seems the meds that the Orthopedic Surgeon prescribed is working so far.    I certainly don’t want to have them replaced.  Ronnie and I decided to troll today for walleye—Caught the Crappie and Bass you see instead. Robert Reeser gave us the 2 Walleye that you see. We trolled a variety of baits  and  a Rapala #6 Shad rap was the best. 8lb Sufix  Advance Mono I’m planning on fishing tomorrow some where-and will update you then. Rick McFerrin

My Grandson’s First Fish

Marshalls 1st Fish 7-4-2021 001

This is my youngest son Daniel and my 36 month old Grandson Marshall. We took him to the pond this afternoon and he caught some blue gill on his new rod that his daddy bought him this week. Marshall is a 5th generation fisherman in the McFerrin family. His smile says it all. I  have 2 sons-2 daughter in laws-2 grand daughters-1 grand son and 1 great grand daughter. We love our family Rena and I are  blessed. Rick

Normandy 6-17-21-2021

Normandy 6-21 002 Normandy 6-21 003 Normandy 6-21 004 Normandy 6-21 005 Normandy 6-21 006

I fished with Ronnie 2 times over the past week on Normandy and the 5 above was our best of the bunch. Everything On a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics. Sufix 20lb Yellow Performance Braid and a VMC Fluorocarbon leader. We thew everything but the sink at them-just very few bites for us.  I’ll update on my next trip. Rick McFerrin

Woods w/o 6-6-2021

woods 6-10-2021 001 woods 6-10-2021 002 woods 6-10-2021 003 woods 6-10-2021 004 woods 6-10-2021 005 woods 6-10-2021 006 Jay2 Jay1

Fished Woods twice this week with the ones above being the best of the bunch. Several 13-14 inch size fish and a couple decent ones. Long time friend (My Web Master) Jay Arnold and I fished Monday and I fished by myself for 4 hours this morning.  Everything on a VMC #2 Worm Hook 1/8oz VMC Tungsten weight Sufix 20lb Yellow braid with a 10lb Sufix  Fluorocarbon leader  and soft plastics. It’s been nice on the water this week-clouds-some light rain-not to hot.  More next week the Lord willing. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Woods 6-4-2021

Woods 6-4-2021 007 Woods 6-4-2021 008 Woods 6-4-2021 009

I appreciate all the e-mails checking on me over the past many weeks.  Hopefully I had my last therapy session on my back the first of the week-I’m 200% better than I was. I can even bend over enough to put my own socks on. Ha!  I decided I would test things out so I went to Woods yesterday-put in at 6:30 and fished until 10:30 and never left the sight of the ramp. The parking lot at Morris Ferry was already filling up.  Caught and released 5 Largemouth with the 3 above being my best. Everything on a 1/8 oz  VMC  Finesse Rugby Jig and soft plastics  Sufix 20 yellow braid with a 10lb Sufix fluorocarbon . Water temps rising quickly  and so was the temper of 2 guys trying to back in at the same time (Come on guys it’s just fishing)  First for ramp rage I have seen  this year.  Hope to have more for you next week Lord willing. Thanks again for checking in. Rick McFerrin

Quick Up Date May 28-2021

I have had several messages asking about different lakes. I have been down in my back-I was having spasms when I would hit a wave. I’m going to a Sports Massage  Therapist and I think I’m turning the corner.  I hope to have some first hand info by the end of next week.  Have a safe weekend on the water—a lot of crazies out there that think they have brakes on the boats.   Rick