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Normandy 5-20-2014

NORMANDY 5202014 001 NORMANDY 5202014 002 NORMANDY 5202014 003


I met Ronnie Wooten (pictured above) at the Fire Lake ramp at 6:15am this morning and we fished until 11:30pm. The wind definitely wasn’t our friend today, it had to get up to 20 mph gusts but due to Ronnie’s skill and knowledge of small specific  logs (some unable to be seen) we still managed some great  slab’s.  I was using a Size #6 1/32 ounce  Green/Orange VMC Wax Tail Jig tipped with a Crappie minnow  on Sufix 6lb Test Mono  I’m very impressed with this little jig’s. The hook ups was directly in the upper roof of the mouth which means that the balance is dead on and the tails are unbelievably durable.  My 7’6″ AllPro Atlantis Series Rod worked extremely efficient as well .  Ronnie knows his stuff and that is proven over and over again here on Normandy.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford Monday May 19-2014

TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 001 TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 002 TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 004TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 003  TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 005 TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 012TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 007TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 006TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 008   TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 010TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 009  TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 011

Fished Tim’s Ford this morning with a good friend for many years Ron. We had a good Rapala Skitter Walk Bite  up until about 10:30am then We caught the remaining fish on a Jig win a Trigger X Twin Tail Grab trailer   Rocn and I both use Sufix Mono and Braid and AllPro Rods . Left the lake at 1:00pm  15 total 14 Largemouth and 1 Smallie. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-16-2014

timsford5152014 001 timsford5152014 002 timsford5152014 003 timsford5152014 004 timsford5152014 005 timsford5152014 006 timsford5152014 008 timsford5152014 009 timsford5152014 010

A little tougher day today as the cold front, blue bird sky’s and heavy winds blew across Tim’s The winds kept me off of the areas that I fished yesterday  so I looked for more protected area where I thought the top water bite would be. I caught and released a mix of 15 Largemoth and Smallmouth all caught on the Rapala Skitter Walk or a Real Bait Crawfish Jig (see at murfreesboro outdoors) with a Trigger X Green Pumpkin Twin Tail Grub. I like to use Sufix 832 braid for my top water baits, and  I really like to throw the Skitter Walk on a 7′ All Pro APX m/h Spinning. You can get a very long cast but still have enough backbone to get a good hook set, plus the 832 has little to no stretch which helps as well. .  More next week Lord willing. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-14-2014

TIMS5142014 001 TIMS5142014 001 TIMS5142014 002 TIMS5142014 003 TIMS5142014 004 TIMS5142014 005 TIMS5142014 006 TIMS5142014 007 TIMS5142014 008 TIMS5142014 009 TIMS5142014 010 TIMS5142014 011 TIMS5142014 012 TIMS5142014 013 TIMS5142014 014 TIMS5142014 015 TIMS5142014 016 TIMS5142014 017 TIMS5142014 018

What a top water bite this morning. I started throwing a Rapala Skitter Walk at day light and never laid it down until I left the lake at 12:30 pm I must have caught well over 30 or 40 mix of Smallmouth and Largemouth. I lost 2 giants in the mix as well. As always I use only Sufix mono and braid and All Pro Rods  I’m getting use to this new site so if things don’t look exactly like it should, it;s the learning curve for me. Rick McFerrin

Lake Lanier May 6-8-2014

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I spent 2 days last week on Lake Lanier and one day on Lake Hartwell with long time friend Tim White.  The pictures above are a few of the 80 or more that Tim White and I caught using a Rapala Skitter Walk  and Rapala Dt6’s in a couple of colors in those 3 days. Tim and I both use Sufix mono and braid as well. The Spots ran bigger on Lanier than Lake Hartwell but was a lot of fun none the less. . Great 3 days with a good friend. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-1-2014

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3rd and final day with Joe and Gary and in 3 days we have had 2 days of tornado’s, lightening, high winds and today  the 3rd was blue bird cold front sky’s. We caught everything on the exact same baits as the other 2 days,  Pumpkin 3 1/2 inch Trigger X Flappin Bug or a  Pumpkin 4 inch Trigger X Swimming Grub   6 or 8lb test Sufix Mono  And All Pro APX 7′ med and m/h Rods . We caught and released 15 today.  …. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 4-30-2014

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2nd day with Joe and Gary and the 2nd day of unsettled weather. We caught a lot of smaller fish today all on either a Pumpkin 3 1/2 inch Trigger X Flappin Bug or a  Pumpkin 4 inch Trigger X Swimming Grub   6 or 8lb test Sufix Mono  And All Pro APX 7′ med and m/h Rods . If we had caught everything we had on we would have had a 40 fish day. Most of the one’s we boated were barely stuck….just a very lite bite. 3rd and last day today….I will give you the results tonight. Rick McFerrin

Tims Ford 4-29-2014

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I fished with Joe and Gary today on Tim’s and we had a great day. We caught and released 15 Smallmouth and 1 Largemouth. We also lost 5 or 6 fish as well that we didn’t see. All our fish was caught on either a Pumpkin 3 1/2 inch Trigger X Flappin Bug or a  Pumpkin 4 inch Trigger X Swimming Grub   6 or 8lb test Sufix Mono  And All Pro APX 7′ med and m/h Rods . Water is rising and mid to high 60 degrees. We are going to fish 2 more days and will update you every night. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 4-23-2014

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I had a good day on Tim’s today I caught and released 15 Smallmouth a 2 Largemouth all caught on the 2 baits in middle picture on the top row.  I started out catching them on the 4 inch Trigger X Pumpkin Flappin Bug rigged on a 1/4 ounce  VMC  Rugby jig. The Rugby Jig is designed for Rocky bottoms and the have a side to side rolling action as you ease them along.  The Flappin Bug has 4 small arms that quiver when you raise and lower the bait plus the claws will rise up and straighten out as well. The Smallies hammered this rig.  will   When they slowed down on the bug I caught the rest on a 6 inch Pumpkin Trigger X Buzz Tail Worm rigged weightless on a VMC 2/0 hook I fished the Buzz Tail more like a floating worm. You can’t see it in the picture but the tail of this worm can be used as a paddle tail or there is a small slit that can be cut very easily and the tail becomes a Buzz Tail that put out a tremendous turbulence. The Smallies like it big time. 8lb Test Sufix mono and a 7′ m/h All Pro APX Rod  Rick McFerrin